Friday, June 08, 2007

Simon daughter playing golf training

Photo : Simon does not want her daughter to do the artists

Simon yesterday invited to attend a sports brand campaign, the reporters waiting for a long time, at the commencement of the event has been no trace of him. He said the General Assembly was late, but after China and Colombia on to clarify his earlier scene, and waiting upstairs in the shop, but the General Assembly said that the media did not place, and So tell him not there. He says, has been attending activities punctuality, this is really fresh "scapegoat" and was almost even arch also breaking the.

Turning to her daughter, China and Colombia wreathed in smiles. He said that his daughter recently very interested in golf, golf will see the complete absorption see. So now he has begun training his daughter playing golf, that his daughter will be able to develop in this respect. become "Michelle Wie." Asked he did not want his daughter to join the entertainment business? He said that absolutely do not agree, do not want to pay her daughter the night that his daughter will do modeling or golf on the best hands. Father's Day is around the corner, then how will celebrate? China, Colombia to live with her daughter, also allow her to see the golf video.

Sacrifice for his art fat guys

Simon earlier shooting by Johnnie and Xu Xiaoming joint producers will be "tracking", the sacrifice for the arts, playing a woman fibrous roots of a pot belly fat guys.

China, Colombia, he called his film "paparazzi" of sand development, and often have to track the suspect, in order to avoid being found. it must cliche unremarkable clothing, for the sake of fidelity to fertility over 20 pounds to meet the role. But finishing it plays slimming, has found it difficult to leave behind a one to eliminate wrinkles. Meanwhile, in a movie with a drama Xuzishan opponent, NG on numerous occasions, the results of which he just finished filming a drama, eat pineapple dozens of oil. He said with a smile before filming breath Liaoweixiong eat 30 hamburgers, this turn eat pineapple dozens of oil, it will be difficult to Well fertilizer.

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