Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Table loyal said Charmaine never quit

Photo : Liang Jing Qi (left) A closely She and exciting place successfully. 林峰的侍應Lin Feng of 744,989,760 dress is very funny

[Zhang Fan Shanghai on the 12th -- to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the handover, by CCTV, and Hong Kong TVB work together shooting 60 sets long drama "Fengyun years" today by the 13rd session of the Shanghai Electronics depending on the occasion of the opening festival, held a grand meeting will be in the media. Play starring Liusongren, Miaojiaowei, Ma Dezhong, Lin Feng, Wu Weiguo, Sheren Tang, drama, Mr Hand, Liang Jing Qi, Chen Mei - such as full attended the reception, but because Xuanxuan to mainland drama "life tomorrow," the absence of publicity, when coming out of the reception. Wireless general manager Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan said CCTV will broadcast on the 30th of this month in Beijing, Hong Kong on July 16 launch.

Mainland touchstone

News briefing in Beijing, and the actors dressed up to attend the meeting to support, about his performance in "time situation" a profound experience, All the actors more consistent commitment to making every effort to make "Fengyun years" to become the most enthusiastic courted mainland of the highlights of drama. Earlier "runny turmoil" in Hong Kong set off an upsurge City, but ending the highest ratings only 48 points. failed to break the outsourcing drama "this long" to maintain the 50-point ratings record, it Wireless for "years Fengyun" pinned great hopes, Because cooperation with CCTV, more drama will be captured as a touchstone for the mainland market. But wireless connection, since the first broadcast in the mainland is Mandarin version, broadcast in the Cantonese version, So do not worry about first broadcast in the mainland and trigger piracy, threatening in the ratings. And they came out feature will be 10 million worth of "marry" Actually, she has been the scene yesterday to clarify : "This news is speculating, I did not quit! "

Liang Jing Qi fathers pillared

Senior female performers are carefully dressed, but a neutral-man woman dressed, less than three other Beijing Opera scene, Lin Feng dressed as waiters, very funny. In the activities, and the A-scandal with Madezhong She has maintained distance to the big photo shoot barely stand together. Liang Jing Qi and newcomers with the Argentine She Meanwhile arcade before location, but Cam woman has to give way, Liang Jing Qi may be a high-ranking father Leong tree up about it. She asserted A play with a lot of Tsui Lin Feng game, the most potent scene is playing a real estate agent, she Taipa Lin Feng purchase, because the other side to a taste of her tin, bought a result, her tin kept each other's face and forehead.

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