Friday, June 22, 2007

Thailand travel patronized beauty shops Chen Jian Feng forced to be nude

Photo : Chen Jian Feng Wu Ting Yan wear necklace

Chen Jian Feng suits trim yesterday attended a skin rehabilitation treatment center opening ceremony. Key recently starred front of the "wireless" series "Recruit a more" is launched, something brought him a lot of opportunities to earn extra money. He said that this month he has an income of six figures, and later he took office, there are many opportunities to make money.

It refers to "Recruit a more" general performance ratings, with an average of only 29 points ratings, bond ratings front will feel normal There have been ups and downs. Some people read the story, suspected of street theater too much, bond, said after the plot will be more other lines, street Budget will be reduced.

Meeting, the bond front of the public asked about maintenance, he said normally pretty lazy beauty, a decorator alone, but rarely do mask. Mentioned beauty, and the key front remember the time to travel to Thailand with a friend to a beauty spa store, when he went to, Female technicians told him to dress, only a towel to wrap his body. He was lying on his bed, the women have made more technicians found in the towel exposing walk. Key, said this was the first time he had to be nude in front of strangers, it is really embarrassing. He then also in front of female technicians Bathing, this after he scared Baptist dare not to patronize the spa. Reporters he walked to the beauty shop, it did not seem respectable, and the key front vowed that the beauty shop is a decent place, The worst shop are all young female technicians, in the case of the old lady, and I do not think such an embarrassing position.

Jian Feng said, naked in front of the Baptist spa, not only would he not relax. Instead, he strained to change to the corpse as hard.

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