Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tungaokang work hard to pull ourselves together

Photo : Tungaokang (right), to pull ourselves together, and Mandy attended concerts

Tungaokang (Deep) mother recently died of illness, but yesterday he had to pull ourselves together to work Chow, together with (Mandy) "Deep 3D X Mandy other half of the" Concert with the fans for a game or two, personally Canal Movie gave audiences to the audience. Compared to the original Deep said that the present mood is a lot better, he said : "Thank you for the concern, should put aside feelings Mom, I would also like to do a good job, in fact, she had been, I should do a good job, and I also told to care more about the future father. In short, she said all the things I will follow, it can not allow ourselves to remain in a sad mood China. (Mood was calm down?) No one really got to, but the mood was much better. "

Mandy appreciate the strong Deep

He noted that earlier received a lot of friends, colleagues condolences and asked him to help despite the need to voice, and he was grateful. As for his father, the present situation, he said a good strong father, of course, would feel uncomfortable, and her mother left when he first saw my father cry. As for his mother's funeral has begun to organize things, the Buddhist funeral will be conducted, and as to whether to make a new song to commemorate his mother, he said : "I do not think out on Xinshe, at least temporarily, will not. "In addition, Mandy praising Tungaokang very strong, she said :" I know that before his mother is sick, Chuan also SMS support him today, the original idea with him, but he has, in turn, comforted me, and I think he is very strong, very sharp, I will go deeper appreciation. "

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