Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wang Guoliang personally take pictures to make records

Photo : The new record company signed the singer Wang Guoliang

Wang Guoliang signing Avex become singers under the recently introduced new song "I trust" Wang Guoliang more this time their song disc, personally taking pictures. Wang Guoliang itself Sophia University in Japan, graduated from the school, he would often drawn to Tokyo. Asked why he chose the development of the Japanese? Avex itself as a Japanese company. He explained his own after graduation, his parents will have to return immediately, he also hoped to learn in other countries back to the development of Hong Kong.

Lease opposition still insists mother

Wang Guoliang with record companies to sign contracts for a few years, the first album will be launched in the summer. Originally he had made several song to the record companies select, but unfortunately producer means less suitable for electronic music, he's also a little disappointing. Original Wang Liang's parents were also circle the subject, as he Lease mother is HU China. Lease originally opposed his mother into the profession, because the trip is too hard, but he still insists to test. Which he most admired Jay Chou, the other in Japan refers to the visibility of small kings than Korea Rain also high.

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