Monday, June 11, 2007

Wang Wan Wen abandoned outside

Photo : Denglixin (left) and Wang Wan's both of their confidence in Putonghua

Radio Television Hong Kong "Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong Port Putonghua Competition finals" yesterday, attended singers Denglixin (Stephy), Wang's Wan, Hong Zhuo Li and Chen Boyu other.

Wang Wan perceived Putonghua good, but when the song was recorded in Mandarin, but also afraid of incorrect pronunciation. Asked her appear cram session? She said that the most convenient and has sought the advice of the school in Tianjin father, he is Putonghua teachers. just what he has been not sufficiently study with their father. Wang Wan's own know French and German, which was once a good school, but in recent years fewer exercises, only setback to read their names.

Stephy also feel that their Putonghua good, but sometimes publicity in the Mainland, even do not know how to play should understand that So they are afraid the answer incoherent. She believed that the company Putonghua is the worst director Ye Nianchen, they are not qualified to teach him.

Over the past few days kept under heavy rain, more thunderstorms the night before, Stephy very worried about wind rotten window. She asked a man to call for help? She said : "sleepless time, I too conspicuous delegates. But all of it is a good proposal, 2003. The next time I try first, I have not tried to Boys for help. "Stephy, with their servants and live flying and dogs jumping, if the home is a better Boys, come across like? ? , can also get help. She did not call to the sun? She said with a smile not afraid of each other than her more afraid, lest she save him. Kary birthday recently, as old friends of Stephy sent a chain to her, but Kary was left inside the restaurant.

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