Friday, June 01, 2007

Wei-lan Well hate marrying Muslims

Hsuan Tsai (left), Wei Shi and Cao exchanged hometown product lattice

Wei Lan Cao Ling and ZHANG Jing-night Hong Kong and Taiwan for the "Solar Project 2007," the theme song of the 20th anniversary of the recording, three singers exchange hometown product as gifts. Cao Xuan Aberdeen with Lattice has long been recognized that the dinner Menuhin Aberdeen initiative Cao Qianjin Douglas pilgrimages to his understanding, he said with a smile when Muslims can be. Lattice this Cao Xuan Aberdeen Malay princess has over 50 and they have to get married, so Menuhin Aberdeen disappointed.

Lattice Cao plays matchmaker

Lattice also told Cao Xuan Aberdeen, has had its own three Muslims uncle, they have a daughter, Cao specification mind plays matchmaker to introduce younger female cousin Menuhin Aberdeen awareness. Xiao Cao Lattice asked Muslims to be introduced Wei-lan? Wei-lan game shake their heads said they were not interested. He Tan Cao were in the Malaysian Malay is easy to do, as long as money can do more good things, he also wants Muslims contribute to the community. Some people say he became Muslims after marrying his wife do Wei-lan, Jobe become Nadufu Portland? Cao said with a smile Lattice not marry Wei-lan, and said his brother would not dawn Jobe poetry to marry him.

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