Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Xin Liu Guangyou system cards to send her father

Photo : Chen Jian Feng and Liu Guangyou heart model produced Father's Day gifts

You and Liu Xin Chen Jian Feng Qi yesterday to attend the Festival Walk at the "kiss Daddy love tin Square", They spot tin fixed manufacturing products, as a Father's Day gift. You usually little heart to do crafts, but occasionally drying flowers, recycling cards for a friend.

Asked her father how Daddy Day celebration? She said that the original plan was to ask her father to buy air tickets to come to Hong Kong to ride out the Father's Day, but my father was no time, She has made cards and bought a video camera given to him. Just finished "two big movie," You heard the heart, plays with a male actor Guo Tao intimate theater, but she has refused to speak too much, said the limited scale only, not overboard.

Chen Jian Feng because crew and earlier hair cut, he felt like his hairstyle as sea urchins, yesterday attended wearing wigs. Xinhua as saying that he "runny turmoil" of the "Death," Chen Jian Feng Xiao Wei is good, because this period of good red. However, the swelling on his face, he said that even before the bags under the eyes are swollen, and we do not see things, but fortunately these days started swelling. On Father's Day, he said, will eat together with the father, in a buy a gift given to him. He also brings his girlfriend home? He has said the Navy could not find a girlfriend.

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