Thursday, June 28, 2007

Xuan Hong Hei preaching Well fans by chanting boring

Wang has been hailed as the new creative female singers Xuan Hong, has been exceptionally high evaluation, but in fact she is not the eloquence enough, more complaints about her fans, the concerts will "to the delegates with nausea."

Saliva more than tea general singers in a song between the intergovernmental field, and fans will mentality, Xuan Hong Kong is no exception.   But the magazine "Break Max" revealed that the fans have a complaint she often in the course of inter-preaching, So either the environmental people, and it is that everyone obey their parents, is extremely impatient. She also used to sing before in the early songs of his career. But fans think, "should be through singing to convey the message that no more oral presentation." It appears the 19-year-old Xuan Hong, the scene has not yet know how to control the atmosphere.

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