Sunday, July 01, 2007

Aaron blew Xiaofeng seven Piano help rehearsal

Photo : Aaron (right) and the nine-year-old pianist small Niuniu very intimate performance

Alan Tam (Aaron), Eason Chan (Eason), Cao lattice, Twins, Kelly Chan (Kelly), Joey Yung, and others attended the Gongguan Dragons "encouraged by the Building Building 10,000 youth concert." Allan in concert, with the Mainland was nine small Niuniu pianist, in cooperation Niuniu piano accompaniment singing performances, Niuniu due to meet before the examination, has not been able to come with Aaron rehearsals. Fortunately Alan has an examination of the piano are seven small Xiaofeng, Aaron would result in Aier piano accompaniment, is responsible for rehearsals, so he has practiced very skillful.

During the visit, see Aaron watching Niuniu, showing a very happy on the outside, Aaron refers Niuniu only nine, advance has visited each other's teachers, learned the piano Niuniu Arts, super to describe Aaron will then blew his 12-year-old Xiaofeng, some seven results Aaron "a protected national treasures" to describe Niuniu and pointed Xiaofeng is, "Tan's a protection." Aaron smile watching Niuniu, seemed to be very happy, smiling mouth Aaron said : "No matter what are the same people unhappy. "Then he asked Niuniu parents have not heard the story of Guangdong as saying. Xinhua smiled when asked to hear Aaron is there any story to Xiaofeng listen? He certainly have the greatest respect, not only in the past year to talk about it anymore. Aaron said the work has been very busy, how can it be time to accompany son? He pointed his little nightlife.

Aaron blew 12-year-old Xiaofeng, Secondary 2, and praising his son is a child prodigy, he said with a smile thanks to dropping information. Then he will become her son Prince of Piano? Aaron said that her son also had to handle a lot of homework. As to whether he can return with Xiaofeng show? Aaron hinted that the son will support themselves, as long as we can not.

Kelly hoped Gongguan decoration before concert

Kelly made a special trip from Beijing to return to attend two major regression show, immediately returned the next day to continue filming of the movie "The loss of beauty." Music that night meeting, President Hu Jintao will also attend, Kelly admitted feeling both tension and excitement. asked her meeting with the President, what will speak with each other stresses? Kelly most hope the other can proceed against piracy, but also hope that the President will continue to make Hong Kong the facade.

On return to the days of 10 years, Kelly said frankly very concerned for her memories, because she is one of the final 97 Gongguan opening show singer, and she hoped that in time Gongguan decoration before opening concert again, Now she has applied for the next year's calendar on June 29, if we really can do Gongguan decoration before the finale concert, For her that is a good beginning and a good end, very interesting. Some suggested she Gongguan decoration after doing concerts? Kelly admits If after the opening concert Part 2, it will be a good color.

Moreover, the Ocean Park two lesser panda Lele, floats will return big day today with the majority of the public meeting, Eason asked whether to take her daughter to the park to visit the little panda? He admitted not, because many people worry about overcrowding, said with a smile when they changed to a fifth giant pandas were onlookers will be hard, will later have the opportunity to bring her to visit Red Panda.

Eason reported to the seven figures to Wong Wai Man (VCE) to purchase foreign to his concert costumes, this Eason said they did not know and pointed to spend millions of additional songs shirt, very "? Lei " more said with a smile their most spend several bucks to buy a shirt. Eason acknowledged for the VCE help buy clothes, but the production costs are responsible, Wyman had pointed to spend millions to buy clothes, potable water is doing? Eason do not think Wyman was that kind of person.

Keqin thoughts return to a golden thread

Hacken Lee in order to participate in the "Dragon encouraged by the Building Building 10,000 youth concert" concert, From the beach to buy a very thoughts of the costumes to celebrate the big day, Keqin wearing a red shirt, Apart from the bat species, also printed with "1997-2006" backed by "Hong Kong" on the screen. Ke-million people in Ta Kwu accompaniment performances, and set a world record, a very interesting one, rehearsals, referring to a drumbeat Keqin too much, also worried that their music heard singing, a little tense. However, after several days of rehearsal, it is now very smoothly, Keqin better idea of this show to join in their own concert, hope for the audience to enter into the audience can play.

Today Keqin will participate in the handover Cup, which will be charged Neither could the market, Keqin said that the earlier finish after surgery, has been doing exercises, Although doctors saying that he could Neither could, but Neither could remain vigorous exercise, but should play in the stadium, there was a little worried. So he had no choice but to Aaron, the market expected him to get off a good five minutes, if they continue to cope Diexiaqu, Tiwan wave, He would have to rush to Shenzhen to attend the return of another large performances.

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