Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Edmond Leung secretly married

Photo : Edmond Leung talked about marriage and looks exceptionally hike

Edmond Leung, Jade Kwan, Wilson and XU Huai Yan, and other singers, the night before attending the Sham Shui Po Celebration Show, Edmond Leung sick because of acoustic sand and be forced to "microphone" mouth to sing, so he was guilt. The day before yesterday it is the birthday of his mother, after his performances to rush to her mother a happy birthday. He confessed to his mother with discount gifts, it is proposed to send a "new Aberdeen adopt" a more practical, which he readily laughs : "Well, But later considered! "In fact, he said he also hoped to rush and get married this year, yet only suitor action, if successful suitor, Registration will not be secret, knew to avoid the media snoops.

Racial harmony

This year the 10th anniversary of the return of many special celebrations, Wilson has participated in the eight return show, the night is the theme of racial harmony. He reminded the early years nine months of the Canadian study short courses and have been boarding on a Malaysian family, and live in a in the dungeons only a skylight in a room with no desks, lying on the ground to do his homework. make him feel like in jail, and the worst is they must eat three meals of leftovers, watching television also appointed time. He said : "Tiwan tried a wave back, I have to see them out of their noses, so I only lived half a year he could not leave, prefer lost several months of rent. "So, now he will not discriminate against people of other races.

In addition, the recent Jade Kwan to the Mainland each will be living in a hotel, and she fears most is being fitted with a pinhole camera. Thus in the dark changing wardrobe, for safety reasons.

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