Monday, July 23, 2007

Hacken Lee Xinshe listeners with music accompaniment election

Photo : Hacken Lee launched Xinshe, with the audience's choice of accompaniment function

Hacken Lee has recently launched Guangdong dish, "the internet CD + DVD-on-demand concerts," album "My Cup Of Tea" will be launched tomorrow. This Xinshe total 11 new songs, including "Fengyun years," the theme song. Taiwan, which has sent the "Whispering baby" by Eric Kwok composer and lyricist Ronny is a fresh combination.

Keqin said preparations for this dish, it was not going to repeat the previous two disc model, the songs will Xinshe fresher, not with the cooperation of some of the behind-the-scenes team than cooperation. Songs will be mainly to unplug feeling, in order to give their voice more changes Ke-a change from the past, the recording and put up each morning at 10:00 after recording, or to sit and sing, This will not accept pubic region vocals, singing voice and more natural it lightly.

Min OK small envelope of film actor

Record companies will be the first time the film version of the DVD option function on the DVD version of the recording within. Listen to the crowds and Hi-Fi fans can freely choose a different combination of musical instruments, With personal preferences or choose different pieces of music accompaniment interpretation, coupled with the songs together Keqin broadcast.

As for the shooting record holder, in order to allow the staff restaurant with the feeling that excitement, a lot of extras playing customers. It also includes a small actor. But during filming, the young performers has "twisted it," the value of expensive wine district governs, but also almost knocked down wine. Finally, the father will come to the fore Keqin, patience with young performers play games, coupled with the guidance and the other side will be able to calm shooting the assembled staff has been greatly admire.

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