Monday, July 02, 2007

Kato's Chuangxi Mr. Host

Rosa Kato actress starring in new productions of "Women in Dili", will be broadcast on the 13th of this month. Drama about a woman determined to become the nightclub to the peak of power, becoming the "Ginza female imperial," Kato and there will be a lot more bold performances.

"A female imperial," were made into Kato This is the first television series starring, it is said that she is also very tense, Chuangxi constantly shoot at the NG and television stations would also like to take her to Valley bold performance ratings. "Weekly frank" reports, Kato respective offices by the end of this sent fans under four separate performances, in addition to Kato, Tian also interested in the future, as sea glass and Ito-U.S. albums, Kwong Tin and into the sea to 361003. Ito recently starring in a drama audience is not satisfactory, it would be Kato high hopes. She also hoped that through drama to upgrade their Nu:you status, and whether or wonders Chuangxi play, she just for the asking. hope that "women Timor" has become their representative.

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