Monday, July 09, 2007

Lai Yu Yu Burlingame high-profile fans scream hysterically

Photo : Burlingame said LI Bing small funeral, showing her status as an Aunt

[Han Chongqing -- At 9:00 sharp, a veteran of "beauty" Burlingame portability new Nomination "Seasonal" Lai Yu, Lin clubs in 100 at the event. Burlingame in concert with our new Nomination first crack song "white" twinkle stage. Chongqing attracted hundreds of loyal fans crazy scream. And then sang "Seasonal", "My Superman", the "last summer, a" new song, the scene obsessed fans. Since the performance of the TV drama "18-year-old sky", the Burlingame more students in the group have many fans. While Burlingame has focused on the development of music, but always with "Rock Spectacle small reads" identity concerns. The fans, the host also quite bothered by the "Rock Spectacle" "Hanhan" name interludes of interaction with the fans of the game, so the atmosphere reached their highest level. The audio-visual feast for fans of Chongqing Burlingame bring the enjoyment of the arts, so excited about the fans in Chongqing.

Hanhan and explain scandal

Yesterday afternoon, in Burlingame hotel to this reporter's visit, admitted after his friends and Hanhan awareness for more than six months. together often in private K song, but actually is quite normal for men and women friends. When asked on what the future boyfriend at the request of Burlingame saucy looked at the ceiling, "The other side must laugh to be very beautiful, There is a certain talent than me, so I told him to be able to progress. "She heard the description, some journalists said with a smile, these conditions is entirely Junjie, who some Hanhan.

Burlingame has been a sea star dish Li Peng, known as the most beautiful sea dish Princess. In April of this year, Beijing Opera LI Bing Television signing sea dish, they came out to the outside world for "an Aunt" Next. When asked if the relationship with LI Bing, Burlingame has sigh : "It is my small funeral? "Bing-Bing Li as well as the first-line star, Burlingame has said that she is their small funeral? Burlingame said she later than Bing-Bing Li Jin, according to the company, is naturally their own small funeral. However, in Burlingame admit Television LI Bing indeed should learn more.

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