Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lisa would like to filming forbad Shing Yeh

Photo : Lisa good shot film

Lisa new album, "Negative" to be held the day before yesterday in Guangzhou Song conference, venues crowded with early support to the fans, the exclusive holding sunflower, momentum is not weak. She also puts on concerts in the five songs, and their fans played interactive games for fans screamed repeatedly.

Warner transferred from EMI, in addition to still be days status, "Tien Hou Temple," the competition is also haunting. Jolin Tsai, Chang Hui-mei after two new God before and after attacks, Lisa is no pressure is not possible. As they talked about "the temple," Lisa said frankly is quite start or pressure, because we used to be repeated comparisons Subsequently, however, we feel that the music different and need not be too concerned about this aspect.

On the drama has the intention, Lisa excitedly said has been interested in filming. and also has some directors approached it, because it is the first time filming, in the selection of scripts and roles too much care. Speaking recently, it is reported that Stephen Chow intends to look for her films, said Lisa heard for a long time, the company is also booking here. But it can not contact him, a "rush" of dignity.

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