Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mainland domestic movie masterpiece month

[College of Beijing on the 30th -- to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China. The first "Building our two decades to young directors Forum" in Beijing on the 29th night of the opening of the China Film Museum, Carnival two young directors to the elite forum will choose ten from the Hong Kong Awards honor the best films in movie. lasted one month free for mainland fans to watch.

From July 1, and end on the 29th of the month-long movie event, the two famous director Luchuan. Xiaoshuai and Zhang Yuan, Gu Chang Wei and Teng Hua-tao, WU Shi Yin, NING Hao, Lee, boastfulness, wins, Gao Xiaosong, Mr Fang-liang, Yibai, Ma Li-wen, pu, Zhu Hong, Chen, Mr Wen Wei Zhong Ji Chang and others will carry their sweetheart exhibitors. Already identified by the Hong Kong director exhibitors are "Tong Meng Romance," "Ziyufengbao", "Tewumicheng" Chenqiangjia "Lianqinggaoji", "Best Baby," Chen Zhong Ji Chang and the "A1 headline," "Thunderbolt Fire", and Mr Wen Wei, Lee, Joe, Xieyongjian. Zhu Acer many young directors and the exchange works on behalf of the film.

Gu Changwei premiere of "Lichun"

At the opening ceremony, the ceremony, the mainland famous film director Zhang a young white film in 2007 to the latest work "night. Shanghai "as the first watch film screenings. Other Mainland directors like Zhang Yuan, Wang Xiaoshuai, Mr Fang-liang, Luchuan others work will continue on display. China Film Museum Curator, Yichun, a week for the three directors attended the movie with the audience and activities done face-to-face exchanges. Gu Changwei will serve as special guests during the event reflect the point of their latest masterpiece "beginning of spring." This year's "two young directors to the Forum works disapproved activities" is a Chinese film since the opening of the museum's first large-scale activities with the intention of supporting China's youth director.

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