Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Michele book launch healthy menus

Photo : Michele light up to attend campaign

Michele yesterday for the health food fad for the first medicine Square for the opening guests, as she was wearing Diaodaiqun, to avoid sneaked away. specially in the chest in a position to spend big to conceal it, the more flowers braided affixed adhesive tape. She also gave a demonstration put winter Cordyceps mills produced in capsule process, and share in Tibet appear in commercials experience.

Before she was unconscious in Tibet sent to the hospital, but yesterday see her light up, the body should no longer cause illness. Michele : "In fact, the entire vehicle is affected by the high altitude of staff to Tibet dizziness is a normal reaction. I returned to Hong Kong immediately after the admission examination, and all normal, the most important thing is not a bad brain. "And her boyfriend, Mr Wan Chi-keung also intended counterparts, but was she decides to stop.

Because of "runny turmoil effect" Michele days will go to the Mainland and the North American coasts. She asked this effect can be promising her millions of revenue? She smiled but did not reply, but later she will enter the circle, in this month's Book Fair will launch a healthy menus. She said : "This is my first book, although he is not playing the kind, but even on a friend heard a lot of experiences. "

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