Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pictures survival hinges on the production of small and medium-sized

Photo : "tracking" won reputation, hoping to stimulate audience attendance incentive

The recent release of several small and medium-sized Chinese films, In addition to "show Wang Wang" box office better (I believe resumption of nearly nine million), the other three have been very gloomy, Yau Nai Hoi directed first sweetheart "tracking" is not popular. In contrast, "Spider-man 3," "Pirates of the Caribbean : Demon bootlegging Wang ultimate war" were quite over 5000 and more than 40 million. "Magical four-Xia : silver demons appear," and "stealing sea filled 13 trump card" has received more than 10 million. It appears this year's Chinese language movie will be more decent income, accounting for 10 hit movies will be more small proportion.

Due to popular foreign language large, medium and small film in the Spider and the production will be difficult to contend with, can only big production in Hong Kong (or even Asia) market share. So, the film companies are making big production, coupled with the mainland market is opening up, the United States will also enter the mainland film shooting, production is a great demand for professionals, in turn, make life even more difficult for small and medium-sized production.

"Kung Fu King", "Tomb Little III," and "Mei Lanfang" and were shot in preparation. almost most of the film production staff are employed. Hong Kong is about to start shooting the film art, movement to photography are very shortage. Shoot because large tracts of pay and working days are over, the staff would have to be large as the first option. Produced by small and medium producers and the director went all out to only "degree" and the period of "personal card" to the hope that production can be implemented expeditiously. Worse still is a large reward higher prices on the rise do not want to drop down. Like actors, making hundreds of millions of large and small and medium price of the same film, the film's small and medium-sized living space has become smaller and smaller. Greater China is the emergence of the "expulsion of large tracts of small and medium films."

Therefore, if not for small and medium-sized film to lend a helping hand, the future of Hong Kong films will decline can be employed because the film is very large experience in the same industry. new entrants to the directors and backstage personnel need training films for SMEs, such as small and medium film can not survive, The film industry is a dead end.

Some commentators criticized the government again small and medium-sized film production investment. it should be up to private investment funds was being cited several billion financing film production, the government should not intervene and so on. This argument is layman's language. Hong Kong has always been financing the film fund, the less successful, the more failure. Only two past successful film financing fund, which had a rotten end, the parties are reluctant to mention; Another fund took more than 10 films, modest achievements. These are facts, the film fund is not a panacea. The involvement of the government most directly, but it can not guarantee effective, at least it shows that the film industry to the understanding and support.

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