Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Song Ke-malls broadcast 17000 times

Photo : Keqin mention the health of Aberdeen

Hacken Lee yesterday with ambassadors of honor at Metro City, Tseung Kwan O Plaza at the environmental campaign When asked whether the response to cyclic environmental diaper, Keqin loss, if necessary considered. When a reporter said he wanted to take precautions, Keqin only at the lake, thank you ducking the issue.

Keqin has always supported environmental protection, he participated in the event, with the exception can disseminate the message of environmental protection, it is the largest beneficiaries of free publicity new song "Flowers Gone." In his new song will be 11 non-stop shopping center, sowing adequate 17000, which can be mutually beneficial form of publicity. As for the participation in promotional activities for the job is the number? Keqin admits this is a reward to 17,000 songs on the broadcast.

As ambassadors of the Keqin, whether or not the message of environmental protection education for the next generation? He believed not to the benefit of the next generation, but also for the next generations to come. Although they may not be this generation will be too much of an impact, but definitely not ignore, the weather is unusual. itself allergic rhinitis, and he just as long as the weather turns bad, the more severe allergic rhinitis. On the sound right to earn a living by his example, the pollution problem can not be overlooked. Keqin also said that even if there were no supermarket plastic bags may not resolve the problem. In addition to use fewer plastic bags, Keqin think that the most important thing is to conserve energy and not waste food.

Then he will use recycled diapers support for environmental protection? Keqin says it appears to have difficulty, he ambassadors, this issue must go slowly. Asked whether he used diaper? Keqin assume that the need considered, the reporters laughed, he must also take precautions, Keqin thank heaven.

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