Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Two memorial services will be held on the 11th

Photo : United States Yang memorial service held

Renowned Taiwan director Edward Yang died on the 29th in Beverly Hills home, He died aged 59, his wife, pianist Li Peng Kai, Yang Li, sister and 6-year-old son were to accompany the side. It is understood Mr Yeung tentative on the 11th in Los Angeles and Western memorial will be held.

Families saddened

While living in Los Angeles for many years. Yang and his wife had not here or overseas Chinese residing in Los Angeles, the film industry has too many contacts to act very low-key. The death of its disclosure of the news, many people speculated. Yang living in the apartment, the door has been closed, fourth-floor apartment as ever quiet, but there are still a few friends and relatives to drive access a holding flowers relatives Yang things right unwilling to talk about low-key, merely said that "although the current family sorrow, But all safe and sound condition. "

According to Yang, known in the Los Angeles school, some friends, some of them have taken the initiative to assist the keeper Yang funerals. And Yang with living in Beverly Hills, Yang Li, through a friend, declined interviews with the media.

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