Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Want to go back to Zhongshan Yoshioka

Now living in Paris fans Zhongshan Yoshioka, local time on the 30th last month at the Disney films "five-star rats" at the launching ceremony. She has five years not appear in public, but the 37-year-old state of Zhongshan remains excellent, showing the desire to go back. Zhongshan Yoshioka to appear Paris Champs-Elysees Avenue, became the focus of the media, more French men to obtain her signature. She can be seen on the ground is quite well-known.

"I would also like to show"

She June 02 with the writers? Hui lightning into marriage with her husband since then to settle in Paris, until January 04 gave birth to her son 10 fight, and after the shooting she only advertisements and interviews, the lack of formal Paiju or film.

She is a long time to appear publicly, I do not know if it is too tight, she was interviewed at a trembling voice. But looked at the film, she said in the film dubbing in their own illusions, intend to challenge dubbing, reporters asked whether she is interested in coming out of retirement, she said : "I would also like to act. Nor should anything halfway, I hope, within its capacity to continue as actors. "

A source, Zhongshan physique and the skin has gone back to the best condition, ready to go back. She will be introduced this year in advertising and other shooting, unknown television or film intend to invite her back?

jobPatronizing phrases for job

Another actress-a mother Senshi novels, magazines, "BUBKA" refers to her recent workload reduced, and even self-esteem has always been strong, she has taken the initiative to call the past cooperated producers hope that the other side will take care of them.

Kazuya two consecutive film "God's dog owners" and "Meishan" fallen through the box office, She has alleged that in the past similar to the Zhongshan Yoshioka, including the asking price is too high and narrow road game, have film or television deterred. GTO may feel they are in a crisis, therefore take the initiative to contact the producers hope that relations with the other win.

It is argued that read "Meishan person," means that the quality of the film is good and sprightly and phrases actually quite standard, So I believe she would have the chance to perform; But if she really have a second child, I am afraid insisted rest of the time not.

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