Monday, July 02, 2007

Yang Yi volleyball Vancouver dropped

Photo : Yang Yi wanted to play the game like a boyfriend

Yang Yi Yin Jun and Gao Qi yesterday as guests of the shopping center and the public to appreciate the return Cup. Two pairs of the original soccer amateurs. Yin Jun and Gao also began nearly two years to watch soccer.

Yang Yi said, when he together with friends to watch waves, but they are all join in the merriment. She loves to watch photographs of stars, such as David. As each of her fans have a lot of problems, so her friends are suspected of trouble, she will ask watching the race. She hoped that a consensus is very familiar with football boyfriend. Her boyfriend, who also love the fans? Yang Yi Xiaowei only men who love the fans. As for her previous most like to play badminton and volleyball, but then playing volleyball, but also because I wanted to close Huakuang. Unfortunately no results, but the other side was for my own book.

Gao Jun-Xian in Canada love to watch basketball, before returning to watch football matches. Recently, he was busy making new productions "behind the great master," there is a Malaysian with the game out of the bed, they would have patted the Malaysian prescribed breast. He said with a smile are the first dedicated to Malaysia tomorrow. Fortunately, the shooting is not too embarrassing, and we do so because of this drama friends. He further disclosed later joined the Hunan TV's "Galloping City," which will show the Latin dance, dance practice now efforts.

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