Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eason would like to join Long Gilardino Choir

Map : Eason Chan less good shout

Eason Chan yesterday to the radio interview, and writes "Crying in a party" propaganda, he said this song by composer Li Oda, before he had the idea of inviting different masters, such as Gu Jie Hui, Li and Oda Lam, as he is to listen to their songs great. But in each case they did not have time to help understand and ultimately can not do. Li Oda is the only one he received telephone, very brisk immediately sent a song to him.

Stressing the word

Eason recently attended a fund-raising gala that evening Spain's Barcelona team has been invited, but when Eason performances, training for players to wave away, but did not appreciate his performance. Eason said with a laugh : "not critical! Emphasis class philanthropists see! Di players to know what I sing? It. "Eason said he was very happy with the Long Gilardino shook hands, the right direction he talked about a saying, but he completely clear. He pulled the original Long Gilardino are higher as a good strong build, is a big-ass. Their own love of the club and he wants to Eason star in a friendly. He pulled to the other side with the choir more.

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