Monday, February 25, 2008

Edison Chen Questioned By Police For 2nd Day

Edison Chen (陳冠希) spent a second day answering police questions yesterday, reported Singtao Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper.

The newspaper reported that Edison left the Four Seasons Hotel in a seven-seater car at around 3PM to go to Wanchai Police Headquarters. His entourage managed to dodge the press who had staked-out around the hotel.

The newspaper reported, citing rumours, that, on the computer equipment surrendered by Edison, the police have discovered almost 1,000 more sex photos that they did not previously know about. They also discovered sex video clips. Three new women, who appear to be celebrities, have been implicated by the new photos and police have contacted them after Edison IDed them.

The seven-seater that Edison was seen arriving in was spotted driving away from Police HQ around 9PM. The press followed the car back to Edison's home on Magazine Gap Road, but discovered on arrival that the car was a decoy and the star was not inside.

Edison instead left Police HQ in a Mercedes-Benz bound for the Four Seasons, where he entered through a trade entrance to spend a third night.

Meanwhile, The Sun, a Hong Kong newspaper, spoke to Edison's sister, Trician Chen (陳見飛), on the telephone.

She confirmed that Edison will leave Hong Kong soon, but did not give a definite date. She said that she will accompany him.

She said that it broke her heart watching on TV her brother at his press conference on Thursday. She said that Edison looked frail and lonely and the sight made her shed tears.

She said that she currently speaks to Edison several times a day on the phone. She added that a silver lining of the scandal is the Chen family have become much closer.

Trician revealed that she is currently managing a large fashion project on behalf of Edison at his company Clot Inc. She also revealed that she is looking for suitable charity work for Edison to do when he steps away from showbiz.

She confirmed that her friend Candice Chan (陳思慧), one of the women implicated by the sex photos scandal, has cancelled her wedding which had been planned for April. She added, however, that Candice had dealt very well with the scandal, and revealed that she had received an email of support from Candice.

The newspaper also estimated that the bill for Edison's bodyguards, who he hired to protect him in the aftermath of the scandal, is around HK$50,000 a day. The bodyguards are from Signal 8 Security, a company that has offices in Hong Kong and Los Angeles and whose past clients include Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey, Prince, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Manchester United.

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