Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Ending for “D.I.E”?

Yesterday Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma and others attended a promotional function for the series “D.I.E”. Originally the organizers planned a “water battle” promotion. All the artistes prepared swimwear underneath their clothing but the event was cancelled due to the rainy weather. The promotion event was held indoors instead. They played some “Super Trio” games. They used their mouths to transfer playing cards. Sonija showed off her strength and carried Roger. The producer 張乾文 expressed that the series is popular. He is planning to film an alternative ending so Roger doesn’t need to die.

The rating for “D.I.E” is very good. Roger happily said that he would have a lot more promotions to do. He hopes the ratings could break the 40 points mark. If it does, he would celebrate the ratings success with a dinner. He hopes to celebrate his son’s first month since birth and the ratings together. But his family doesn’t want to exhaust Cindy Au and the baby. So they would hold a banquet to celebrate the 100th day of the baby’s birth.

As to his son being a lucky star, Roger laughed that he is called “阿旺” which means prosperous. Roger joked that he was going to name his son “High Ratings Kwok”. Roger expressed that he often talks to his son and the baby would smile to him. The baby hears Roger’s voice and wants to be fed. So he tells his wife to feed the baby when “D.I.E” is playing on TV. This way the baby can hear his voice. It is reported that Cindy has found a slimming company to sponsor her. Roger said a slimming company has always sponsored her for slimming down and skincare. He doesn’t mind if Cindy wants to wear swimsuits for the commercials. The pictorial results are important. Roger then said that a few advertisers are looking to do commercials with the three of them. But he doesn’t want his son to face the flashing lights.

Yesterday, Sonija carried Roger who was 150 pounds heavy. She was crowned “Goddess of Strength”. She said she lifted up Ka-Lok Ng for “Strictly Come Dancing”. Even though Roger was heavier than Ka-Lok but there should be no problem if you pay attention to the intensity. Sonija said that she was very happy to have such a good ratings. She would try to get everyone together for a celebration dinner. Also, she can visit Roger’s son. There are reports that she is “converting from her bad ways”*. Sonija expressed that she is used to those comments so she won’t be unhappy about those comments. Also, producer 張乾文 expressed they will film an additional half an hour. They will film an extended version of the ending. He announced that he arranged for Roger to die in the series. But they will film happy ending to let the audience choose. As for a sequel, it will be up to the audience.

Credits: asian-gossip

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) OH.. i never expect,, then ending is Roger wil die lo... hope so, they ending wil release lo.. dun wish to see Roger DIE... haha..

* ) Omg.. how could he dare to wear those ugly unmatching crocs at this kind of even??? It's sooo ugly. If he really NEEDED to wear them, he should have choses black ones, not flashy ugly blue-green turquoise.

* ) Dnt knw, if his death ties in with the end story, i think he shd die, i dnt want another crap ending from TVB just cos viewers mite want him to survive or they're thinking of doing another series, cos i think gona give up watching TVB series if the endings gona be another crap one.

* ) omg...it didn't say spoilers....omg...don...u poo head...im still watching la...

and yea he announce that he will die...bah...thats what i hate about tvb series
its either...oh very happy...or someone dies....and in this case...its a funny comedy
mystery solving drama...yes people die in it...but its suposed to be funny and interesting at the same time
and they just added the Roger dying part...how does that make
sense at all....i wouldn't mind if the story was a mystery and a dark story where u know
probably one of the main characters will die...but i hate it when its like that...just make it
a good ending damn it....i only watched this cuz of roger...and the mystery dramas.....

* ) D.I.E. means Death Investigation Extension but i don't know why it's called D.I.E.. It's just a police station though.

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