Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jackie & Jaycee Chan Finally Share A Stage

Father and son, Jackie (成龍) and Jaycee Chan (房祖名), shared the stage at a drinks product promotional event in Shanghai yesterday, marking their first professional collaboration with each other.

Since Jaycee's emergence on the showbiz scene in 2003, his father has kept their professional paths clearly separate, with Jackie famously quoted with the words: "You can do whatever you like, you are you and I am me."

In the past, this has put some pressure on Jaycee, who felt that he was too inferior to work on projects alongside his father. However, with encouragement from his seniors and the support from the product sponsors, the opportunity has finally arisen for the Chans to work side-by-side.

Jackie's new film The Forbidden Kingdom <功夫之王> is due to release shortly and talking of his first time working opposite kung fu genius Jet Li (李連杰), Jackie described the feeling as a heroic rendezvous, like that of Guan Gong (關公) meeting Qin Qiong (秦瓊) in the Three Kingdoms stories.

As Forbidden was a film that involved a lot of support from the American film industry, Jackie hoped that his next project will be an entirely Chinese production.

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