Sunday, April 20, 2008

Joey Yung Denies Suspicious Relations With Denise Ho and Meter Chan

Completing her concert with colours flying, Joey Yung today reflected upon her experience. Many guests included Hins Cheung, Jan Lam, Freeze, Cathy Leung, Vinci Wong, Sherman Chung and William Chan (Sun Boyz). Most notable among those guests however, was the fact that Denise Ho hid in the control room to watch the show in order to avoid rumours. Joey's rumoured boyfriend also attended, along with a female partner which caused commotion.

The 4-part "Joey Startlight Concert 2008" pushed Joey to extremities that haven't explored before, including hard dances all the while singing. Twice did Joey nearly fall, and there was even a time when Joey's earphone stopped working altogehter. Thankfully, Joey's professional skills allowed the show continue and fans hardly realised something was wrong. Strangely however, Joey seemingly kept looking at the control room. Later, as the press investigated, it was found Denise Ho was actually watching the concert in that very same room Joey kept glancing at. However, by the time reporters arrived, Denise has "flashed" away.

At the post-concert party, Joey admitted to Denise's appearence and provided an explaination for hiding in the control room, "haha, she came in late and couldn't find a seat!"

(Denise seems to support you a lot, coming to two shows of four!)
"OK, I just have good relationships with people!"

(What about Meter? Envy about his girl?)
"Haha, it was me who gave him two tickets, is the girl beautiful?"
"That's good, he deserves it"
(Jealous she might be hotter than you?)
"Its very easy to be hotter than me"

When reporters gave Joey a picture of Meter and his female partner, Joey commented, "Wow! She looks very wild! But Meter looks severe towards her haha".

Joey's last concert is already avaliable on youtube in 20 segments, including the encore.

Credits: Oriental Daily & AF
Translated: Dengero @ JoeyGalaxy

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* ) Yeah.There were once rumuors that Denise and Joey are lesbians...

* ) She is the sister of Centimeter Chan and cousin of Millimeter Wong.

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