Monday, April 21, 2008

NEWCOMER: Jason Chan

Has anyone heard of a new singer Jason Chan? I heard he compete at a singing contest, but he didn't win. Anyways I heard his new song on RTHK COUNTDOWN last Saturday.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) oohh jason chan! he's leng jai! =P

ive only heard his canto version of the 1 litre of tears theme. "goo jup"

* ) lol...he's a very talented new singer^^
love his songs (still waiting for his album....) =]

* ) one of the songs is from the drama One Litre of Tears
jason sings it so nicely!!

* ) Yes, I've heard of Jason's voice before and I must say, I do recommend it if you are the type of person that enjoys ballads. One of his popularly listened-to songs is that he sang the Cantonese AND Mandarin version to the hit JDrama "One Litre of Tears." \

* ) He used to live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He did try out for the main singing contest here in Toronto but did not win.
Great singer =]

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