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" Up Close " Guests is Show Lo

Show Lo Guests on "Up Close," emotionally, tears fall.

When we bring up Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Lo, everyone will think of a bunch of nicknames : Asia's New Generation Dance King, Present Idol Singer, Taiwan Variety Show King.....On April 26, Show Lo brought his newest album "Wu Suo Bu Zai - Show Your Dance" to guest on CETV's popular Saturday talk show "Up Close." In a quiet and comfortable ambience, Show very relaxingly revealed himself to the host Li Jing, and showed his other side that people rarely see. Never crying on TV shows, this is the first time Show broke this record, and had his tears fall! Good thing Li Jing very swiftly calmed him to continue the program running smoothly!

Even Until Today, He Can't Face The Loss Of His Father

Speaking of his father's passing away in 2005, Show had always used a very "odd" way to heal, "I feel like my dad went to another place for vacation, or divorced my mother." Show was the first artist to stand upon Taipei's Dome Arena to hold a concert, and had specially saved a spot for his father. But his father was deeply ill and didn't make it. He sang "Li Liang [Strength]" for his father. After his father passed away, Show is afraid to ever sing that song. When the show replayed that video clip, Show couldn't control his emotions and choked up!

The First Time Responding About the Rumors With Jolin Tsai

Show Luo, who says he's been single for a long time, was once the "Rumored Relationship Champion" of 2003! When he was younger he had liked "hot chicks" that wore miniskirts, but with time, Show has a new love standard : "I like the girl-next-door type that act coquettishly, that are filial and thoughtful." In facing rumors with Jolin Tsai, this was the first time he's responded about it, "She's like my sister, it's because we met each other really early, so there are no feelings." Because Show seems to be the lady's man, he had once helped his "sisters" buy sanitary supplies before!

Show Luo Denies Using "President Chou" [Jay Chou] For News

Entering the business for 10 years now, the undulations of his career has toughened his determination. "I want to have my father very proudly say that Show is his son." This has been Show's biggest motive. Mainland Chinese media had once exposed "Show only makes friends with popular people," implying Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou. "I was very angry when the news came out, they didn't know that when Jolin first came out I was already acquainted with her, and even before Jay came into the business I already knew him. You should say that at the time, I was more popular, but maybe because later they became even more popular, so the news came out that way!"

King Lau's [Andy Lau] Immense Help

Show's success had help from lots of people, and the person he wants to thank is Andy Lau. King Lau is very caring of Show. At an awards ceremony celebratory party, the people in front holding champagne were all big winners of the night, then Andy Lau was in front calling Show to come pour the champagne with him. Show felt overwhelmed by the favor of such a great superior. Afterwards, at each celebratory party he'd call him out. When he got the chance to thank him, Andy Lau actually just digressed from the topic.

Source: Sina
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show's International English Forum

*Show's official documented surname is "LO" not "LUO" , "LUO" is just the Han Yu Pin Yin of his surname. It may be spelled differently depending on where in Asia you reside.*

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) wow first time hearing about show crying. can tell that that is a big weak spot for him. but its ok, fans here will always support you!

* ) Aw... nice to hear some Show news! He seems so down to earth... he's not afraid to let the public see him in all his moods and that's what makes him so endearing. It makes people feel like they can connect with him and that's so important in being a role model. <3 Show

* ) Show is very down-to-eath and he is grateful to all those people who have helped him propel to his current fame..
he is not the type of person who only enjoys befriending famous people~ that will b too fake for him~ he just enjoys making friends..

and his willingness to buy sanitary products for his "sisters" shows that he is not egoistical but instead he is a considerate guy~

* ) aww bless him, xiao zhu's so cuute ^^' he kinda reminds me of a female version of ella haha xD cos he can be funny and bubbly and doesn't really care what other people think of them, so they can do really silly things but still manage to pull it off hehe xD but they also have a softer side ^^

* ) "Show was the first artist to stand upon Taipei's Dome Arena to hold a concert, and had specially saved a spot for his father. But his father was deeply ill and didn't make it. " Aw, so sweet of him. too bad his father could't come. it's sad that so many taiwanese artists has lost someone close to them sad-smiley-065.gif

Aww he cried! Hwe's so funny and bubbly! sad-smiley-065.gif Poor Show.

Rumuor of him making friends with famous peoples is really..rude and unsensative. Thats like saying he uses people! Rude!

Haha, him buying sanitary napkins is sweet of him. I think most guys would be embarressed and be like "eww!" but hes not biggrin.gif

Thats also nice of Andy Lau to help him

* ) xiao zhu ge is the type of person who 'ging zhu' w/ everything like stress...at least he's able to face reality and face the facts that his father is gone instead of lying to himself...crying it out is the real way to face his biggest fear and his problem...i'm glad he did it...now i hope he'll talk it out w/ his mother because he's not the only one who has to go thru it but his mother as well...

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