Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hong Kong is propaganda "Chibi" first one of John Woo

John Woo's "Chibi" Since the shot, Zhu Shi is going, the film shot before the provisional Ciyan actor Chow Yun-fat, the last to find Tony Leung pay loyalty to the top. Jin Chengwu and came after the director does not bite string, the absence of the Cannes Film Festival earlier campaign. Has recently taken a more-collision accident occurred when the lens, causing one death and six others injured.

Yesterday, "Chibi" crew issued a statement to the media, admitted that the accident occurred. June 9 incident in more than 3:00 in the morning, the same day in Beijing Xiaotangshan shooting two-boat collision accidents, resulting in Wushi one death and six others injured. "Chibi" cast deeply distressed and sorry for this and will do our best for the dead and injured and properly handle things behind. John Woo back to Beijing after The scene, the crew was filming the Miss Huanggai boat lighted fire and crashed into the larger vessels Cao.

However, when the shooting completed, the fire started when winds caused the fire out of control, in seconds, the fire put two ships coverage, a number of Wushi suddenly larger because of the fire was burned, and one more died unfortunately. Hong Kong is propaganda "Chibi" first one of John Woo, received this unfortunate news, deep grief, back to Beijing immediately and deal with victims of the funeral, and the completion of film the last part.

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