Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"East of Eden" will be aired this 25th.

The new MBC drama "East of Eden" stars Lee Da-hae as an ambition driven woman.

Her character is of a woman who graduated a Law school top of her class. And with her great intelligence and talent, Hye-rin chooses to give up on love for her ambitions.

Hye-rin's first love is Yeon Jeong-hoon acting as Dong-wook, a king and gentle man. Dong-wook loves his family dearly and became a judge in revenge for his father's death. He is as ambitious as Hye-rin for becoming so far in his career. Hye-rin falls in love with his innocent eyes and heart.

Another love that Hye-rin encounters is Song Seung-heon acting as Dong-cheol who has lived a rough life. He is a wild spirit who can even give up his life just to achieve vengeance for his father's unjust death. Hye-rin falls in love with this man who has a passionate yet innocent heart.

Hye-rin is a different character compared to other bright and cheery characters that Lee has taken. Hye-rin is strong and serious. Let's see how this love triangle is resolved in this drama!

"East of Eden" will be aired this 25th.

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