Friday, August 22, 2008

Han Ye Rin isn't the innocent little girl

It was reported that in real life, the fourteen year old (Korean age) actress Han Ye Rin isn't the innocent little girl that's loved by a lot of ajumma and halmoni, but a violent teenager, who smokes at school and bullies others.

It was said that last month, Ye Rin borrowed a skirt from her classmate, due to her unqualification of school appearance (her skirt was too short), and never gave it back. The classmate then took one of her friends and told the teacher about what happened.

Ye Rin got scolded by the teacher and was nowhere near accepting the blame, so she told her friends to get the two classmates that told on her, and beated them for three hours. This caused the one of the classmates to be concussed and both girls having many physical bruises.

After this incident was revealed, a lot of netizens went to Ye Rin's cyworld and scolded her for her wrong doings, causing her cyworld to be closed, as I last checked. Yet, her mother apologized and ask everyone to please give Ye Rin a second chance.

This incident has caused the movie she is currently shooting to stop, and may not even be finished for next year.

Profiles :-
- Han Ye Rin
- Born on November 26th, 1994
- Currently in Eighth Grade

She acted in a few movies and dramas:
-The Crescent Moon (2002)
-Face (2004)
-Boy, Goes to Heaven (2005)
-Hello God! (2006)
-The Famous Princesses (2006)
-No Mercy for the Rude (2006)
-Shadows in the Palace (2007)

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