Saturday, August 23, 2008

“Hot Shot” went to Malaysia to promote

Coco plays the passionate but serious basketball coach in the drama, and has many scenes with Show, Jerry Yan and Wu Zun. Online netizens think that Show should be with Coco, as in the drama, Zhou Cai Shi is too uncertain about her feelings. They said, “Yuan Da Ying would only experience pain and hurt if he was with her.”

Perhaps it is because fans really wanted Show and Coco to be together, because when “Hot Shot” went to Malaysia to promote, Show and Coco were paired up. However, while filming, it was really Jerry, that Coco had the most interactions with. The 2 had also sparked a “towel relationship”.

Because Coco mostly wears mini-skirts in the drama, whenever she sits down, often she will expose herself. Many times, Jerry would initiate and give her his own towel, saying to her, “Careful, you don’t want to reveal anything.” Coco expressed, “He is very cute, maybe he does not want me to misunderstand because he also said that he the reason he gave me his towel is not because he saw anything, but because he does not want me to reveal anything.”

As for Show, he and Zhou Cai Shi also have many interactions outside the drama. He is known to be her saviour, because while filming, the director Lin He Long (who is famous for yelling) would often yell at her. As Zhou Cai Shi is a relative newcomer, she does know director Lin’s personality, and would think that he was picking on her. However, Show often came to her rescue, and would say to the director, “Don’t be so loud, you’ll scare her!” The director laughed and said, “I am other peoples’ worst nightmare, but Show is my worst nightmare!”


Anonymous said...

Nice update. Thank you for sharing it. Jerry is real gentleman. I hope its ok to share this entry to my friends who also loves Hot Shot =)

eSeong said...

No Problem : )