Friday, August 29, 2008

TVB new series "The Legend of the Demigods"

TVB new series "The Legend of the Demigods" held a promotional event yesterday. The cast that attended include Linda Chung, Benny Chan, Nancy Wu, Halina Tam, Kara Hui and Stephen Au etc. One of the games they played was to transfer the fruit to the opposite table but weren't allowed to use their hands. Linda was careless and knocked over a plate of fruit. Stephen didn’t care about hygiene and used his toes to pick up the grapes from the floor. Linda and Benny cooperated very well together. Not only did they joke around on the stage but fed each other pieces of fruit while taking pictures. Linda stated that the series viewing rating were around 27-28 points but she had no time to watch her own performance.

Linda who has recently released her debut album went to Toronto for 2 days earlier to do a live show. She had the opportunity to sing 8 songs and felt it was like performing her own concert. However, she didn’t sing her own songs because she was worried the audience may get bored since they weren't familiar with them. Also her album was currently not available for sale overseas. Therefore, she sang other artists songs. "My fan’s in Toronto asked their friends in Hong Kong to help them buy my album. While I was doing autographs, many fans handed me the CD they brought for me to sign. I will certainly sing my own songs for them next time I'm there. Although, Linda was busy promoting her album and filming new series "Dogs on the Beat", she still found time to earn extra money by doing live shows. She claimed that she will go on vacation right after she finishes filming the new series to reward herself for her hardwork. She has chosen to go to Cuba with her family as it’s cheap and a beautiful place.

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