Monday, September 29, 2008

Eason Chan brought his "Eason's Moving on" world concert

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan brought his "Eason's Moving on" world concert tour to the Beijing Worker's Stadium on Sunday night and the eve of the National Day holiday, Web site reports.

Throughout the two and a half hours, Chan laced his classic songs "Thank You," "Your Rucksack," "King of Karaoke" and "Love Transfer" with performances and dancing.

Different from other concerts which usually invite guest singers, Chan's Beijing concert featured six Olympic gymnastic champions Liu Xuan, Li Xiaopeng, Chen Yibing, Huang Xu, Xiao Qin and Xing Aowei. The guests and Chan sang one of his best-known songs, "Ten Years," accompanied by the audience.

Chan donated twelve Olympic gold coins to the Chinese Athletes Educational Foundation to support retired athletes in developing their careers and pursuing further education.

The Beijing concert is the 14th stage of Chan's world tour and the first performance of the National Day holiday.

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