Saturday, September 13, 2008

he anniversary date for S.H.E

September 11 was the anniversary date for S.H.E. To celebrate with the fans who had been with them throughout their journey, the record company specially chose to hold a birthday party at McDonald’s at 9:11 pm. Other than eating and drinking, the fans were also invited to party overnight so that the special day of 9/11 would become even more memorable.

This year was the 7th year since the formation of S.H.E. Today’s activities started off with a children’s version of S.H.E, three little girls who were really seven years old and dressed in similar outfits as S.H.E wore for [Miss Universe], their first release of the new album. When the music started, the three “cute” version of little S.H.E jumped onto the stage and danced the popping moves from the MV. After the performance, the adult version came out to start the celebration. The little S.H.E also presented flowers and kisses to wish S.H.E a happy birthday. The record company presented a birthday cake. Everyone sang happy birthday together, not only for S.H.E but also for the fans whose birthday was 9/11 as well.

On this 7th birthday, the trio made their birthday wishes and co-incidentally all three had made the same wish of hoping to get married and start a family soon. This was the first time S.H.E publicly expressed that they wished to get marry. Was it because they all have found their other half? The trio indicated that they have reached a marriageable age therefore they hoped to get marry. When asked about their criteria for their other half, Ella indicated that this person must be considerate (thoughtful), humorous and talented. Earlier Selina admitted that she was introduced (matchmaking) to a lawyer. Were the two really dating? Selina kept the answer to herself and only smiled in response. As for Ella whose relationships were frequently mentioned at her expense lately, when asked whether she would be wary of the next relationship because of the past unsuccessful relationships with someone from showbiz. Ella lightly said: “Oh, ever since my fall last time, I now take each step very carefully” Looked like Ella was truly tired of being used this way.

Thinking back to the times during these seven years, the trio each had their own feelings. When speaking of what gave each of them the deepest impression, Ella felt that realizing the dream of giving a large-scale concert was something that left a deep impression. Selina’s graduation ceremony was also memorable. When thinking of the time when she was a student-singer, going to classes and doing performances at the same time, not only was unable to coordinate with the filming schedule but was also a topic of discussion among classmates in school, Hebe and Ella came to sing the school anthem with Selina on graduation day…when thinking back to that time, Selina who was most prone to tears, starting to cry again. The time when Ella was injured from falling a three-storey building was another one that they found unforgettable.

The highlight for today was when Selina brought out her secret presents. Moved by the content written on the cards, all three of them sobbed uncontrollably. The most adorable was Selina who made the cards herself. As she was just bringing the cards out and had not even started to read it yet, she started crying already. It turned out that Selina, in order to give a surprise to her two laopos, secretly created the cards and wrote the contents overnight until four in the morning. She printed two copies of a photograph of the three of them together and used them as the cards. On the cards were her memories of their journey throughout the years. She cried as she read. The touching yet humorous writings also caused her two laopos to tear up as well. Selina’s cards even made the staff on hand and all the fans laughed and cried at the same time. The whole birthday event was very successful with both tears and laughter.

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