Friday, September 19, 2008

Hong Kong Fall-Winter Fashion Show 2008 at Seibu

Bosco and Yoyo, as VIP status, participated in “Seibu, Hong Kong Fall-Winter Fashion Show 2008” yesterday with several fashion model to showcase about 40 sets of latest Fall-Winter fashion designs. Yoyo was the first to showcase and she nearly slipped and fell, luckily nothing bad happened. When it was time for Bosco to showcase, while walking, he took of his jacket and his muscular figure was showed just behind his open-chest singlet. Several saleswomen screamed in delight at his action and Bosco cannot resist laughing at that situation.

A Quarter Vaporized

After that incident, Bosco smiled and said his muscular figure was trained during the making of the Cantonese drama “Burning Flame III” as he lost 15 pounds after that. He replied: “But I am still not considered fit now. I have employed a personal trainer but as I am busy with dramas, that is why I did not trained much. If I got fit after training, I do not mind modeling even it is a swimwear show as I need to earn money for my family! (But do you need to ask anyone to do that?) Ask my company!” When mentioned on the recent “economy storm”, Bosco said that his owning has vaporized about a quarter or a third. Even though he did not buy insurance from AIA, he is confident of this company as Hongkong’s financial management is good. When he was asked about rumors about him signing up with East Asia Record for future album releases, he replied that he is still managing and drama still comes first for him. As for a singing career, it is better for it to develop naturally but he learns singing and dancing at a fixed intervals, mainly for stage performance.

Yoyo almost fell

Yoyo almost fell yesterday. She explained that the staff has paste some sticky tapes under her high heel shoes, which is not meant to be, that’s why she learned her lesson to check her shoes before going on to the stage. As for Bosco’s incident where several saleswomen screamed, Yoyo also felt that he had trained well and she had recommended Bosco to button on only a button for his open-chest singlet to expose his muscular figure at the backstage. Yoyo also mentioned that she will fly to Changchun to attend a jewelry show today as the pay is higher. She prepared a tube dress for the event but the local temperature has dropped till 10 degrees Celsius that night. As for the recent” economy storm”, Yoyo expressed that she is not experienced, that is why she did not bought any shares, she just played online game and she is not a AIA customer but even she has an insurance, she will not cancel it. She replied: “Hongkong citizens are a lot more fortunate than many other citizen even if there are losses occurs.”

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