Friday, September 19, 2008

Jay Chou latest song "Fragrant Rice"

Heavenly king Jay Chou has grown up! His latest song "Fragrant Rice" will have its worldwide premiere broadcast on the 22nd of September on "Only Want to Listen to Music Hit Fm Web", DJs who have heard the song expressed: "It's a very sincere song, it's worth recommending!" Jay Chou expressed that this song made him go back to the roots in terms of writing, he used the most simplest lyrics and music to convey the meaning of encouragement, in order for the song to be even closer to his original meaning, Jay Chou wrote the lyrics and melody for this song, this made his long term work partner smile and say: "He's fishing past the line again!" Having seen his good friends Will Liu and Devon Song both getting married, Jay Chou, who has a successful career, expressed that he didn't have any thoughts on getting married until 35, he's sticking to his original plan, he also smiled and answered: "I'll see how they get along now they've gotten married, then I'll think more about this question."

Even though he's good at writing music, but Jay Chou's ability to write lyrics are not bad at all, Jay Chou uses simple words to create imaginative worlds, in terms of melody he's also been very courageous, he's combined hip hop and folk music, the beginning folk guitar is especially pleasing for the ears. Jay Chou's also played around in arrangement, he added in cricket sounds at the beginning, and the beginning verse he sings: "If you have too many complaints towards this world, you won't dare to continue walking forward when you fall down, why must people be so weak, depraved..." He was questioning with a lot of power, it was like he was trying to force people to be aware, and ask themselves if they've long since replaced gratefulness of complaining, the idea the song is trying to convey is "to be content with what you have", Jay Chou expressed, the origin of the creation song was from when he watch a report on TV about a natural disaster, add to the fact that a lot of friends by his side are in difficult times, he was even more determined to have "Fragrant Rice" as the first plugged song, he expressed modestly: "I'm 30 after all, I want to give back to society while I still have some influence."

In this song, Jay Chou started from his experiences when he was young, he took everyone back to the country with fun lyrics, reliving the laughter from running in the fields and picking fruits, the carefree childhood, memories like these, Jay Chou said when he was young he really envied children living in the country, at that time there was a mango tree in front of his house, when he was practising the piano, he could see the neighbours climbing over the wall to steal some fruit, that was an interesting experience. He was naughty was he was young, he once caught a Mosquito fish in the gully but accidentally fell in, when he got back his mother teased him saying he only fell in because his head was too big and heavy, all these childhood memories and regrets have become Jay Chou's writing inspiration for this song.

Jay Chou, who is busy doing the post production for his album, has recently fallen in love with magic, besides showing off some tricks at Devon's wedding, he expressed his interest in magic is not below that of music, in order to learn more focused magic tricks, Jay Chou will go to San Chong with his two assistants to buy props, usually after work, even if it's early in the morning he'll go online to search about it, he'll practise on his own, when he meets masters of magic, he won't care about his identity as a heavenly king and will ask questions unashamed, when talking about the reason for such passion, Jay Chou smiled and replied: "Music and magic are both classified as a mysterious language!" Before he once did a trick with a red hearts card in front of Jiang Hui, he amazingly took away one heart from the card, he didn't forget to joke with romance and asked Jiang Hui: "You've taken something away from me!" Jinag Hui replied: "What?" Jay Chou smiled and said: "Because you've taken away my heart!" It made Jiang Hui so happy. Jay Chou stressed that not only can you increase your chances of meeting the opposite sex by learning magic but even if it's the same sex you can use it as an excuse to get closer.

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