Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silent Treatment during the Dream Concert

Although the X Treatment was not as attention stirring as the infamous Silent Treatment during the Dream Concert. many has been curious to know the reason behind the situation.

According to witnesses, they claimed SNSD were X-ed by other Fanclubs not because they were boycotted but actually the X were aimed at Tiffany Hwang only.

Before such event took place. no one had noticed but during an episode of SSGB (Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso) on Mnet, Tiffany laughed when her co-host Kim Hyesung mentioned the tragic Earthquake that struck China.

According to angry Chinese viewers, they did not find it funny when Tiffany laughed.

Maybe it was a touchy topic of Chinese citizens who are still recovering from the disaster. but from the episode on they have decided to anti Tiffany. Since SNSD insisted they are "ONE" and even declared such unity Prior to the SM Town Live Shanghai concert, Antis formulated the X Black Ocean Plan during SNSD's Hey Mickey Performance.

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