Sunday, September 28, 2008

SMASH consists of 6 members

One of the lesser known new debut this season, SMASH has finally gained some attention from the public. After the release of their debut music video, EMERGENCY (스매쉬) the boys have been keeping a low profile despite being dubbed as the new Shinhwa, rivaling Battle. who declared they did not want to be considered as the new age Shinhwa, SMASH consists of 6 members under the production of former HOT member Tony Ahn.

The members include:
October 7, 1988

May 13, 1988

March 16, 1985

October 12, 1991

January 26, 1989

November 19, 1980

The boys recently re-emerge with a new image for Never Ending Story, including a more cutesy style for the new song.

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