Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Super Junior member Shin Dong reducing his body weight

The news of Super Junior member Shin Dong reducing his body weight by 16kg with dieting and vigorous dance training has become a hot topic among fans.

Shin Dong smashed the usual perception among critics that idol singers must be good-looking with his gift of the gab and a wide array of talent when he debuted as par of Super Junior. He posted a selca of himself on his Cyworld recently and when compared to his previous photos, you just can’t believe that you are looking at the same person. He looks totally like a different person. He has once again changed people’s perception of Shin Dong through this.

According to a SM Entertainment representative, “Shin Dong has been on a diet by himself in order to let fans see a different side of him. Besides controlling his food intake, he has also been losing a lot of weight from being on his MNet program ‘Dance Yong Hyung Dong Jae’. Shin Dong always have to keep dancing on the program and he has unknowingly lost a lot of weight through that.”

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