Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Tiger Wong Snatches The Bride" and "The Academy 3"

Sammul Chan appeared with gold hair yesterday while attending the Roadshow for an interview. He stated that recently he had finished filming TV series "Tiger Wong Snatches The Bride" and "The Academy 3". He immediately went to dye his hair blond to relieve himself. New TV series "The Four" will shortly be airing and he will be busy promoting the series. At the end of September he will be travelling to Iceland to film an environmental documentary. From what he knows Bernice Liu will also be taking part.

This time he will be filming there for 3 weeks. He heard from his friends that had been there that it was very cold. Fortunately he has always feared the hot weather and is not afraid of being in the cold. He is more worried of being sick when travelling on the icebreaker ship. He may also need to go hiking. Asked him what he would take with him? He expressed that he had been to Hengdian for a few years to film a TV series and knows what to take with him on trips. He would take heating pads with him. But, this time this destination seems to be the furthest, most expensive and most cold. This time he will be going alone as his management and assistant will not be travelling with him due to the expensive costs.

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