Monday, October 06, 2008

The ant and witch couple

The ant and witch couple of Crown J and Seo In Young will exit MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” as it was announced today.

According to one program representative, the couples that will exit the show will continue to develop their own careers along different paths. This will also mean that we have now confirmation of Andy and Solbi plus Crown J and Seo In Young exiting the show ahead of the farewell vacation mission broadcast which will be shown over the next two weeks starting this weekend. You could certainly feel that it was coming as their “cold war” over a bowl of ramen with egg in the last episode seems to be hinting at their eventual “split”.

The PDs of “We Got Married” expressed that 8 months seems to be a much too lengthy period and in order for the program to develop better in future, an infusion of new faces is required constantly for the novelty factor.

The ant and witch couple mere presence, mannerisms, “A!”, “Too Much” song, etc (I could go on and on…) would be sorely missed. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but their interaction was one of it’s kind and the program certainly needed them to act as a sharp contrast to the other couples. Must they really go?

Still cloudly outlook with regards to Alshin and JoongBo couples future.

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