Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bi fifth album “Rainism”

In an interview with JoyNews24, Bi recently revealed his impressions of Park JinYoung (his former manager) and JYP’s hit group Wonder Girls (who he once helped train).

Bi gave unstinted praise to his hoobaes (juniors in the singing world), “I sincerely congratulate the girls’ success.”

“They all work very hard, so I like watching them…. As much effort as they put it, the good results have come out,” continued Korea’s World Star. “They deserve the popularity they are blessed with.”

Talking about his former producer, Bi affectionately referred to the man as the “supporter of my life, probably my real older brother…. I’m grateful to my hyung (older brother) for always giving me help and advice. We have the kind of relationship where it’s comfortable no matter how long we last talked on the phone or met.”

At the moment, Bi is working hard on his comeback with his fifth album “Rainism”.

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