Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BoA’s “Eat You Up”

On October 22 (Korea local time), BoA’s “Eat You Up” was released on the USA’s largest online music service iTunes, and had an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from buyers. Since today, there are 90 reviews from Internet users.

Buyers reviewed such as, “The music’s beat and chorus captured my heart. Strongly recommended,” “It’s a great and lovely dance track. Wonderful,” “It has an attractive melody and simple lyrics, with a danceable beat and BoA’s good voice is impressive. Bloody and Avant have created another magnificent piece of work,” and “It’s addictive.”

But some fans said, “The beat is too simple and repetitive.”

This day marks BoA’s first step into the worldwide music market, with “Eat You Up” being available in the United States, Europe, and more than 30 countries on online music sites.

BoA’s SM Entertainment agent is looking to U.S. plans in the future, “We are in progress of promotion on radio broadcasts,” and “After November broadcasting [promotions] and such, we will start official U.S. activities.”

“Eat You Up” offline single will be released in the United States in November.

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