Friday, October 24, 2008

Bosco Wong join East Asia music record company

Bosco Wong will be joining the East Asia music record company, his EP will debut this December. Yesterday Bosco attended the "Everyone is falling in love with Bosco Wong Press Conference" 「全角度愛上黃宗澤記者會」. Besides the executives of East Asia Records and TVB, other medias were invited. Bosco also invited his good mentor Michael Miu (3rd brother) to support him, but Michael ended up making fun of Bosco signing for the company. Michael joked that East Asia was still willing to sign Bosco up even though the financial crisis and also said that being a Superstar you need to have the singing talent and taste. But Bosco has the taste, then why would Myolie Wu like him, he also wanted Bosco to dance live at the scene. This was to test his talents and courage. In order to wish Bosco a successful singing career, East Asia gave him a golden microphone and a golden CD.

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