Friday, October 24, 2008

Charmaine Sheh and Bernice Liu at fashion store

Charmaine Sheh and Bernice Liu were the guests ribbon cutters for a fashion store opening M. Missoni. During the event, the two gave the own blow kisses. As for the models Lisa S. and Mandy Lieu, they had to walk the sky bridge modelling the fashion. Recently it has been said that Charmaine is Kevin and Niki's 3rd party, and Niki Chow's boss Leung Ji San yesterday showed her support for Niki on her blog. Towards this incident, Charmaine expressed that she does not want to respond because the content of the blog entry did not directly point towards anyone in particular. Also Leung Ji San is Niki's boss, of course she'll be helping her. Charmaine stressed: "I definitely will not be a 3rd party, I will not be that stupid and be decieved like that. (Are you currently dating now?) Do you have any one nice to introduce me to? (Kevin didn't chase you?) When he does, then I'll worry! Theres no action. (Will date someone in the industry?) Will have to look at fate, it's not under my control, if I find someone that I really like, then I can't help it." Speaking of Bosco Wong yesterday implying that Charmaine is Kevin's, she immediately asked what he said and expressed that she does not mind being the female lead of his MV.

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