Monday, October 13, 2008

Esther Kwan attended the American Disney World

Esther Kwan attended the (American Disney World) function yesterday. Her daughter Brittany is now 3 years old. Esther Kwan and her husband Nick Cheung are quite worried about their daughter's learning environment. She said at this stage childrens learning abilities are very quick. So she will choose different teaching materials in order to raise her interest in learning.

In order for Brittany to avoid contact with unhealthy things, she will prohibit her from watching the news on television at home. Esther said "Sometimes I will allow her to watch (Sesame Street) but she is certainly not allowed to watch any TV series. I worry that the dialogue maybe too vulgar". Brittany has an interest in singing and dancing. During her pregnancy, Esther often listened to music so this maybe a early sign of education.

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