Friday, October 24, 2008

Full House 2 is in the works

Yes, it does sound like a Full House 2 is in the works. But as with all things this early in the process, it’s best to retain a little bit of skepticism so as not to be disappointed later.

Just a word of warning.

Production as an Asian drama: Producers say, “We will cast at least one out of either Song Hye-gyo or Rain”

The KBS drama Full House, which aired in 2004 and earned much love not only in Korea but throughout Asia, will be producing a season 2 as a pan-Asian drama with participation from Korea, China, Japan and other countries. Full House is the drama that shot Rain to fame throughout Asia as a skilled dancer and singer.

Director Park Chang-shik of Kim Jong-hak Productions told Herald Biz on the 24th, “In preparation for making Full House Season 2, writer Jo Jung-hwa has worked for two years. Currently, the scripts for the first four episodes have been completed. Since Korean, Chinese, and Japanese actors will be participating, the drama will be filmed in those countries.”

Because this will be produced as an “Asian drama,” plans are to keep the atmosphere lighter than the first series, and to not come off overly extravagant. The drama will span 20 episodes and is looking for an airdate sometime around August of next year.

Director Park said, “Things are looking good. Already a Thai corporation has shown interest in investing in Season 2, and one broadcast station in Hunan, China, has said that they would produce Season 2.”

Full House was originally a soonjung manhwa [shojo manga] by Won Soo-yeon that depicted a love story about young modern people, and earned its actors Rain (playing Young-jae) and Song Hye-gyo (as Ji-eun) recognition as a very appealing couple.

Recently, Rain was asked on an episode of MBC’s Goldfish [무릎팍도사], “When did you start thinking of expanding into the Asian market?” by MC Kang Ho-dong. His answer reflected Full House’s high Asian popularity, saying, “It wasn’t because of music, but happened to be because of a drama I’d done [Full House],” which showed the bright possibility of a pan-Asian Season 2.

Accordingly, if Full House Season 2 is made and broadcast, the actors will naturally attract much recognition in Asia, and will also have tremendous value as a Hallyu drama.

Therefore, the production company is determined to cast at least one out of the two stars, Rain and Song Hye-gyo, who enjoy high popularity throughout China as well as Southeast Asia. They plan to cast actors from China and Taiwan as well, but have set aside the initial intention of casting one of the F4 members. The director has not yet been decided, and the production is currently in the process of finding a film or drama PD who will be able to bring to life Full House’s visual appeal.

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