Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kim Bum fanmeets in Japan

Kim Bum’s star is definitely on the rise, but I’m a little surprised he’s already holding fanmeets in Japan, which he did on October 18 to a crowd of 800.

This event took place in Tokyo’s Harajuku Quest Hall, where he sang a few songs for fans: Hirai Ken’s “Hitomi wo tojite” and Anzen Chitai’s “Friends,” as well as a piano performance for the song “Snowflake” [눈의꽃] (remade by Park Hyo-shin from the Nakashima Mika song “Yuki no hana”), which was featured in the drama I’m Sorry, I Love You (song posted below). He followed that with a card-trick and magic show.

Kim Bum plans to stay in Japan till October 22. Just think: If he’s this popular now, just imagine what it’ll be like once he takes on the Soujiro role in Korea’s Hana Yori Dango remake, Boys Before Flowers.

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